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Where are you based?
Unit 9
Veridion Way (Beside Thames Innovation Centre)
DA18 4AL

Can you supply samples?
Samples are available, although may not always meet your precise requirements. To avoid disappointment all samples are sent by special post or courier charged from 12, (or US $12) upwards or even be collected by your own courier. Free of charge.

Do you produce prototypes?
Yes we have a specialist development team who produce mock-ups to order. The cost of these, in most cases, would be redeemable against subsequent bulk orders.

Can you help us design?
Yes, and the help starts here. Have a look at the
prototyper for shapes of binders, spines, returns and edges, and modular design for help with how to build your own custom folder using mixed materials from base units.

Can you design products for us?
We have product design and development team glad to be of service.

Do you print in-house?
Yes, we have our own high quality litho, screen and foil blocking machinery in house as well as laminating & diecutting.

Do you manufacture all products in house?
We manufacture all items in our factory, we insist on total control.

Do you do short runs?
Yes, we can manufacture short runs as well as very large.

What are your lead times?
They vary depending on the materials and type of print that is chosen. Our whole production process is governed by lead times. Indeed, hitting deadlines is our strength.

Can you deliver next day, all over the world?
Yes, in most cases we can, borders are not a problem.

How do you measure capacity?
Capacity can be the quantity of sheets or items in a document. It can be the size of the mechanism. For example, a 'D' ring mechanism is measured across the flat edge only of the D, whereas an 'O' ring mechanism is measured across the internal diameter.

How do I send artwork to you?
Please send digital artwork on disk, CD-ROM or

What is included in the price?
All quotations allow for initial development, special inks & Pantone mixes, set-ups, made-up proofs, plates, screens, dies & tooling - packaging, delivery & insurance can also be quoted.

How can I work with you to receive a discount?
Our manufacturing model is time driven. You can help us by pre-booking your order in advance. In return we will give you 1% discount for a pre-booked order 2 months forward, and a 2% discount 3 months forward. If we choose to produce your order earlier, you will still receive the discount.
Also consider long term contract rates for large ongoing deliveries each month.

Can I pay in Dollars or Euros?
Yes, we have set up international bank accounts to help you beat the exchange rate.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we take Visa, Mastercard, and US$ American Express, the latter is especially popular as you can ramp up your AirMiles with it.

What happens when I place an order?
An early order is essential to meet your project deadline: prototype stages normally include a digitally printed proof followed by a working proof. Then production schedules are produced to meet the agreed delivery date, bearing in mind all the stages involved.

What are your terms of business? In short we set out to be committed to our customers. A more detailed answer, is here.

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