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pepsi folders and bindersmicrosoft folders and binders and walletsalfa romeo presentation pack foldersae and sand gel liquid binderhipthebridgeduotecthumb

Welcome to our galleries. Admission is free as is our catalogue, make sure you pick one up before you leave.

Blue gallery highlights Pepsi, Hewlett Packard, Dell, G Wizz, Models 1 Haruki Marakami and Tweenies.

Green gallery shows some of our work with Playboy, Microsoft, Borghese, Lucent Technologies, Scottish Power Alfa Romeo and The Post Office.

New Media gallery for our work with DVD's and CDs'

Liquid gallery has an extra ordinary range of fluid and gel filled covers, folders and wallets.

Soft gallery a celebration of the soft and squidgy design for Cowley Manor, Fiat Stilo, Bar Saphire, Beancross and Rockefeller Foundation.

Print gallery new print on unusual surfaces like wood and metal, for Audi, Pitcher & Piano, Kingston Inmedia, Shiseido and Boscoreale.

Property gallery a brief preview of what commercial property packs might look like prior to their full roll out in June 2007.

new media cd's DVD's usb's
link to property pack gallery

more than just products