please recycle these materials
to recycled rubber tyres for folders and bnders
return green materials
to GREEN RESOURCE recycled and recyclable

to recycled beermats
to natural and recyclable materials
POLYMERS recycled and recyclable
to COMPOSITES recycled and recyclable
clothing recycled materials for fbinders and folders
micro flute binders, wallets and folders
corrugated card folder and clam binder recycled
to greyboard recycled
to recycled leather
recycled metal folders and binders in steel
recycled paper converted to a sleek folder
to recycled kraft like paper
to recycled rubber and board

Tracking green materials can be confusing. Recycled is a group of materials that have already been around the track once - but can be recycled again. Here are some of the most environmentally friendly materials that can be used.

Recycled and recyclable rubber tyres. Yes you read that correctly, we make folders and binders from recycled tyres (tires) that have had the metal and impurities removed.

Recycled and recyclable beer mats. Drink more beer and help the environment! Beer mats material can be used for so many different functions.

Recycled and recyclable clothing. Cotton textile, reused to good effect as a binder cover material.

Recycled and recyclable microflute. If you're not sure, microflute shows its structural fluting on one side only and predates corrugated.

Recycled and recyclable corrugated. Like so many traditional materials corrugated is environmentally friendly and comes in a limited range of colours.

Recycled and recyclable greyboard. Often ignored, but incredibly important. It is the backbone of many folders and binders, but can be used on its own, greyboard is recyclable.

Recycled and recyclable leather. Recycled leather is made from waste cuttings and then re-constituted, held together with glue made from hooves.

Recycled and recyclable metal. You'll be surprised to learn our steel is made from 30% scrap. This saves mining and enormous amounts of energy.


Recycled and recyclable paper. Made from 75% waste, there is quite a choice.

Recycled and recyclable kraft like paper. So much more than wrapping paper, it is made from 100% waste paper - but doesn't look like it!

Recycled and recyclable mix. Rubber tyres and greyboard two fine green products in one place with an innovative strap design.

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