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A brief history of folders galore

folders galore was founded in 1982 with a desire to inject innovative engineering expertise into corporate publicity projects, as a reaction against uninspiring alternatives.

folders galore is now recognised as perhaps the most innovative and inspirational manufacturer utilising an unequalled range of materials, substrates and skills, honed to produce interesting combinations such as metal and paper-over-board binders. Over the 25 years no less than 21 (and growing) products have been patented or are under application.

Our client list covers a wide spectrum of design, advertising, marketing, commerce and industry. Notable amongst our 3000 international customers are:

Unilever, KPMG, Publicis, Lloyds TSB, Fitch, LIFFE, Barclays Bank, L'Oreal, Visa International, Royal Sun Alliance, Insignia, The Partners, Getty Images, Paribas, Canon, Levi's.

In partnership with design groups and marketing organisations we have produced for Microsoft, Coca Cola, Sony, Rover, Dell Computers, IBM, Walt Disney, Cadillac, Nikon, Volkswagen, Virgin, Bausch & Lomb, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, BMW, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, British Airways, Bally, Apple, Andersen Consulting, Coutts Bank.

Our planning and versatility allow us to adapt the manufacturing processes to meet an infinite quantity variance from runs of 100 to 100,000 or many more if required.

We have recently completed 150,000 binders for Tony Stone (Getty Images), and 100,000 units for Renault Cars. Previously we have supplied 250,000 units for The Woolwich Building Society and 50,000 for Barclays.

In addition, covered by confidentiality agreements, we supply household names large contract supplies over 1-3 year periods.

Lastly, we launched, an inspirational resource for corporate publicity projects.

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