landrover binder recycled car tyres and paper, an environmentaly friendly folder
to INGENIOUS DuoTECH join two materials together cleverly

Ingenious 100% recycled. This ring binder was made for Land Rover using 100% recycled materials, well nearly, the dinky domed badge isn't.

Very appropriately the front cover is made from recycled car tyres that have had the steel taken out of them and then ground down (we can specify coarse, medium or fine), then compressed into a metre thick block. If that is not impressive enough, the block is then sliced into strips (these can be 2,4,6 or 8mm thick). It has a soft feel, almost like a rubber version of cork, with a very pleasant new rubber perfume, if you sniff it hard!

The side and back are made from recycled paper over board, over all a rough and tough binder, that is also very refined-a bit like Land Rover really.

detail of domed badge on recycled binder of car tyres and paper
duotech, two materials, one fine result
duotech, two materials, one fine result