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Folders Galore Patent
Patent N GB2422025
U.S. Patent N 7363735

Diamond metal binders
Folders Galore
Patent N 3318763

Finger dividers
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Patent N 1075965

Fold-up slipcases
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Patent N GB2351489

Hoop Binding
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Patent N 2392647

Keyhole binding
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Patent N 6565278
Patent N 1102685

Kiss printing
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Patent N 2250237

Leaning Binder
Patent N GB2364963

New clip folder
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Patent N 2252938

Folders Galore
Patent N 2223713

Rigid catch binders
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US Patent N 6,412,819
application N 9910013.3

Rollover Binder
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Patent no gb2364962

Folders Galore
Patent N 2317376

Thermal Binding 1988
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Patent N 2218403

Twistlok wallets
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Patent N 2274813

Twistlok envelopes
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Patent N 2274813

Wave fold
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Patent N GB2376939

Wave wallet
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Patent N 0300556.8


Slot Spring Clipboard
Folders Galore Patent
Application N3009709
Folders Galore UK Registered Design
N 3009709

Liteyear Calendar
Folders Galore Patent
Application N 0427435.3

Rollover binders
Folders Galore Patent
Application N 0018532.2


Paper Welder Document Binding Machine 1983
Folders Galore UK Registered Design
N 1010975

Registered Design of Folders Galore

Registered Design of Folders Galore

Carrier wallets
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Clamshell case
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Fold-up slipcase
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Gel filled DVD folder
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Hidden wirebind
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Hinged-lid case
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Inflatable slipcase
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Registered Design of Folders Galore

Self Locking Pillow-pack
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bullet binding
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folders galore
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hoop binding
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new metal
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twistlok wallet
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wave wallet
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folders galore has been established for 25 years, and during that time we have developed a strong library of product designs and inventions. So far that includes 21 patents. These comprehensively and internationally protect you and your client from plagiarism.

Please note our Copyright and Patent terms at the bottom of this page.

uparrowduotech mixed material folders, in three styles

Duotech. Duotech means a mix of two materials. We have three different styles with a common back made from silver paper-over-board with either a new metal, wood or frosted front cover all printed with the same design.


Metalcase. Made of new metal, they are used to make a design statement and can be embossed, debossed, screen-etched, spot UV varnished, screen printed and stamped.

micro binding inventions

Keyhole. Keyhole fastening system is a loose-leaf style of binding that cleverly bridges both document binding and ring binders.
You can bind anything from 5 sheets, to 150 sheets. Plus it can bind materials other than paper.

bullet book or folder binding

Bullets. How small can a micro binder be? The answer is very small, when the document is bound with "bullets". These also allow for the addition or removal of contents after binding.

hoop folder binding

Hoops. Don't be late for class. These customer education folders are bound using Hoops so if there were any additions to content, they could be added in a similar way to a ring binder. But without the fuss, weight and bulk of a mechanism.

hidden wire folder micro binding

Hidden wirebind. We have created a way to wire bind without having the wire showing on the outside. This also means there are few limits to the materials covers are made from, oh, and by the way, wire can be plastic too!

container inventions
Carrier wallets. Containers/Carrier wallet.

Carrier wallets. Containers/Carrier wallet. There's more than one way to provide carrier style designs - here are a few ideas.

twistlock folders and binders pack flat

Twistlok wallets. These can be pre-folded and delivered flat. This saves on delivery and storage costs. Twistlok wallets are recognised as the neatest, patented way to produce a face fastening wallet. There are many styles of Twistlok wallets as it is a method that works in all shapes and sizes.


Hinged-lid case. By designing novel fastenings internally, it is now possible to create a hinged-lid case of any capacity in polyprop that is delivered flat, ready to click together.

clam shell case, low cost and clicks together

Clamshell case. Clamshell cases are low cost items. They can be covered in any material like fabric, cloths, paper and laminated print to create a paper-over-board case that is supplied flat and simply clicks together with attractive studs.

fold up slipcase, supplied flat made as required

Fold-up slipcases. Unlike normal slipcases, can be supplied flat. Whereas normal slipcases would be made up in the bindery, fold-up slipcases can be made-up as required. Standard, sturdy slipcases are a quality product. Fold-up slipcases are designed to mimic them.

pillow pack

Self locking pillow-pack. The unusual stylish locking end closures makes this popular style of pillow-pack stand out from the crowd. Most often produced in frosted and printed in any method, they can be tiny or large.


Wave folders. Wallets and folders with beautiful and practical innovative fold. Wave fold catches the eye as well as the light, while also increasing strength. Waves can be single, double or multiple, small or large. A single wave can be used to make capacity with just one fold! While pairs of large waves add an unusual twist to any folder. So go on, make some waves.

accessory inventions

Slipadisk. Hold CDs a neat elegant way with Slipadisk. Made from a specially die-cut sheet of material. This material could be frosted PVC, fluted, or laminated board.

finger divider, low cost way of dividing bindind systems

Finger dividers. These are a low-cost way of sectioning a document. Unlike normal dividers, finger dividers are made-up of fingers of material. They are cleverly formed to fit over a binding mechanism and provide easy turning of sectioned sheets. Finger dividers can be made in board, micro-corrugated, frosted and solid plastics and can be printed, and cost far less than conventional dividers.

gel filled folder, lookslike liquid, can be used as a binder too

Gel filled DVD folder. Both a huge technological leap and and an aestetic one too. These liquid filled gel folders can be made in any colour, printed or embossed for branding while protecting the DVD or CD they contain.

gel filled folder, lookslike liquid, can be used as a binder too

Date Disc and variations. Aligning the two discs, to you can find any date in the year. Made from wood, poly pro or a combination of other materials, it can be made into a memorable and intriguing launch, conference, event or invitation calendar.


Card Calendar. Based on our ground breaking date disc, card calendar does the same job, but in a simpler format and only the size of a credit card.

lite year calendar

Liteyear Calendar. A further developement from date disc, using prescision print and die cutting.


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