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Keyhole. Keyhole fastening system is a loose-leaf style of binding that bridges both document binding and ring binders.

You can bind a slim document of say 5 sheets, up to a large document of 150 sheets. Its great advantage is you can bind materials other than paper.
For example it is just as easy to bind card, lightweight plastics and paper. The advantage of this is for the production of items that incorporate many elements, sometimes without paper. This might include plastic sheets that contain CDs, clear plastic sleeves containing photographs etc. It can be used as a fastening system for calendars as a welcome alternative to wire-binding.

Conventional ring-binding mechanisms are made of steel, and can be bulky. Whereas the tiny fittings in keyhole fastening, called keys, are plastic, can be made in many colours including frosted, and metallic silver. Designers often ask, 'show me an alternative to ring-binders'.

See it work. Now there is an alternatives. See how it works here.

The keys snap-fit into specially prepared folders, which pack flat for delivery and storage. No end of folder styles is possible, from popular frosted plastic and welded vinyl to products from the bindery with keys fitted.
A range of electric and manual punching machines, which can also punch round holes, are ready to punch the keyhole shapes for binding.

Keyhole, Us patent patent N6,565,278B2 international patent application No PCT/GB99/02476. Inventors, Les Paine, and Hugh Webb.


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