mini light year calendars
liteyear metal and edgelit perspex calendar

Liteyear calendar A versatile gift, premium or invitation with plenty of space for branding, messages and logos - it is easily postable, being only credit card size. The self-centring disc is held by magnets and encourages you to play and is easy to use.

Line up the month in the cut out slot in the disc. The numbers on the disc now line up with the days in the week - so 1 January is a Monday etc.
The last day in the month is indicated by a dot that is revealed by one of the 2 indents in the disc at 30 and 31. So in the case of January the dot is revealed at 31 (which, by the way, is a Wednesday).

standing liteyear metal and edgelit perspex calendars in fluro green and flame red

Liteyear calendar Metal standing versions.
Designed to stand up on your desk, further branding can be added to the back - we can even print clearly over the raised dimple that holds the magnet.

Here are a couple of simple colour variations in fluro green and flame red, but in fact, because of the self centring magnets these are only starting points. A liteyear disc can be added to just about any of the projects on this site - and there are a few hundred of those!

all acrylic/persex edglit business card sized patent liteyear calendars

Liteyear calendar Perspex on perspex versions.
We will be twenty five on 1 November 2007 and to celebrate we have made these acrylic
liteyears in bright edgelit colours. Our patented design allows a year-long calendar to be shown credit card sized.

The resulting podish vibe along with the intrinsic layering effect is proving very popular with all who see it.

So if you have an anniversary, sigificant date launch, promotion or looking for a new premium gift, why not do it with a liteyear?