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patented and registered invention designs
mini light year calendars
liteyear metal and edgelit perspex calendar
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Liteyear calendar Credit card sized calendar. There are three versions, above is metal and edge lit acrylic/perspex. Line up the month in the slot and it shows the day and date, the indent indicates the last day of the month. The disc is not attached but held by self-centring magnets, which is not only efficient but also makes it fun to play with.

standing liteyear metal and edgelit perspex calendars in fluro green and flame red

Liteyear calendar Metal standing versions.
Designed to stand up, with the ability to add further branding to the back. These are a couple of simple colour variations in fluro green and flame red.

all acrylic/persex edglit business card sized patent liteyear calendars

Liteyear calendar Perspex on perspex versions.
To celebrate our being twenty five on 1 November 2007 we have made these acrylic
liteyears in bright edgelit colours