full colour print on plastic

Plastic. So you thought full colour litho on plastic was impossible. It is for most, but we have developed a print technique called cold U.V. This allows us to print onto polypropylene, in solids, with tints or vignettes.

litho print on both sides of this box

Inside and out. Print on both sides of frosted material and still have the colour sing out.

frosted clear poly pro ring binder

Frosted. Create enticing designs onto frosted clear polypropylene for a sophisticated semi transparent look.

exact colour matched folder wallet  cover

Exact match. Precise print, so that a flap exactly matches is case.

white pvc printed the smae as paper

P.V.C. What can you do on to white PVC? - change the look completely.

cloth case printed litho

Cloth. Not only can we print on plastic, but cloth as well! Depending on design and colours you could give your presentation a minimalist modern look, or add a traditional bindery touch.

litho flute carton disc holder and flip chart

Carton. Plastic, cloth, and here's another new one, special white faced corrugated carton board. This sails straight through our litho machines. Light weight, economical, and prints beautifully.