Metal folders, binders and slip cases, metal boxes, tins and presentation cases - in steel and aluminium. Our steel is specially made for us so that it does not rust or react to finger moisture. They can be printed, embossed and even etched.

metal presentation case
new metal presentation box
to INGENIOUS DuoTECH join two materials together cleverly

to metal binders from steel and aluminium
silverlite aluminium folders binders and wallets
Metal and paper custom made locker with promotional book enclosed
link to metal binders and metal folders
new metal cd and dvd binders link
embossed metal folder
metal binder wth magnets attached

Hinge lid metal presentation cases. These metal hinge lid presentation cases have hidden magnet fastening, can be made to more or less any size and capacity, a very special combination.

All metal case. Deceptively simple looking case made entirely from metal.

Metal sandwich. Not edible, but tasty all the same. Strictly speaking Silverlite is polypropylene that is cased in aluminium, have a look here to see its unique folding properties.

Metal locker It seems no idea is too outrageous for our clients. When is a locker not a locker? When it is a presentation case of course.

Metal bending. Curve a metal cover just a little and you get a top class result.

Metal tins. Actually that is a bit of a lie, they are not made of tin but steel. From round to square all with custom inserts to hold just about anything.

Metal that is new. This is how it is done, with newmetal, it is specially coated so it is fully protected from finger marks while maintaining a natural steel look. This can be embossed, printed and etch effect to achieve a variety of finishes .

Metal and magnets. Both fun and practical. Magnets can be used as a feature in their own right, or as a near invisible way to hold a cover closed.

metal need not be heavy