prismatic foil on a pepsi binder

Prismatic foil. A full rainbow of colours on your binder!


scented print or scratche and sniff

Scented. Not only make your folders and binders look good, how about smell good too? This is a sophisticated system has over 100 stock scents and smells that can be added to the finishing varnish.

raised pvc letters on binder and wallet

Raised. To raise your brand, raise the print! Text and image can be embossed onto PVC, binder material, and even rubber.

You can deboss as well, sinking your type or logo into the material. For a chic designer look.

die stamped aluminium and new metal with varnish

Unusual. Special designs call for die stamping aluminium or new metal.

foil blocking on blue folders and wallets

Polish. Add some polish to your presentation with foil blocking. Both text and image can be given a metallic effect on most materials-except metal of course!

black pvc with clear solid varnish

Quiet. Looking for a quiet yet powerful effect? Spot print an image in varnish. It can be matt or gloss and even tinted. Varnish can be applied to metal plastic and board.

UV varnish onto polyclear

Varnish. Designs which feature gloss UV on polyclear and Matt UV on crystal polyclear, or for a stronger yet subtle effect, add a touch of colour. Tint the varnish.

recessed panels and magnets on green felt

Demanding. Designs can be specific such as adding colours into recessed panels.