strong screen print on folders and binders

Strong. For strong line or solid colour onto all weights of all materials such as polyclear/polycolour, board PVC aluminium and metal also certain cloths and other fabrics, not forgetting wood and rubber.

litho and screen mix

Designs. Designs that mix and match screen with litho print for more solid text, and subtle imagery.

multicoloured screen prints 9 logos

Spectrum. How many colours? Lots, particularly when each sponsors logo had to be faithfully reproduced in their corporate colours. This folder was screen printed in nine different colours. No problem.

uv ink on aluminium new metal wood and rubber

U.V. inks. Using special U.V inks to produce very impressive results on aluminium, new metal, wood and rubber.

Etching. Can etching on metal be done cost effectively? Yes, have a look and see for yourself.

etching on new metal and aluminium