Engineering expertise runs throughout the company and special materials are our forte. We have a knowledge of all the main manufacturing methods. When you need a way forward, just ask. Consultancy needn't be expensive. It can be amortised in the production run.

embossed metal folder

liquid dvd case
to INGENIOUS DuoTECH join two materials together cleverly
to metal folders, binders and slip cases, metal boxes, tins and presentation cases
liquid dvd case
variety of wooden folders binders and wallets
metal presentation case
silverlite aluminium folders binders and wallets

New metal. The metal is specially coated so it is fully protected from finger marks while maintaining a natural steel look. See our metallic range of cases. There are flat boxes with hinged lids, wallets, slipcases, and tidy-files which are those handy, attractive cartons which organise a multitude of loose literature.

Liquid. They said it could not be done! But we did and do make liquid filled covers. Binders, folders and even attractive, playful and protective CD cases all filled with delicous slow moving liquid. Clear or coloured, structured and plain it is very hard not to play with and admire.

Not wood. At the risk of confusing you, we now produce a paper cover that visually is identical in look to pine. We can even make it smell line pine too.

Woods. Woods, (not Tiger) but slim and attractive just the same. Truly an unusual surface and with a lovely warm feel, can be printed on. Wood combines well with metal and plastic as well.

Hinge metal presentation cases. These duotech metal hinge presentation cases have hidden magnet fastening, can be made to more or less any size and capacity, a very special combination.

Aluminium sandwich. Not edible, but very tasteful. Strictly speaking Silverlite is polypropylene that is cased in aluminium, have a look here to see its unique folding properties.

mini lightyear calendars
metal binder wth magnets attached

Significant dates. Edgelit acrylic/perspex combined with metal and magnets, see three variations on our tiny liteyear calendar here.

Magnets. Both fun and practical. Magnets can be used as a feature in their own right, or as a near invisible way to hold a cover closed.

microflute folders
carbon fibre ringbinder

Hills and plains. The contrast between the rippled surface of microflute and flat embossed areas can create very exciting scenery.

Range. Please feel free to ask us about perspex, clear plastic sheet, aluminium, formable plastics, wood, carbon fibre, new metal, (with a clear lamination or even a holographic surface to protect both sides to give a wipe clean surface).