embossed soft rubber presentaion folder and wallet

Emboss weld Embossing is a great way to make an impression, even if you are not a Playboy!

liquid filled CD cases in multiple colors

Liquid weld Imagine liquids or gels of any colour, in pouches, between covers, or soft pockets like a mattress, add coloured beads, logos or even sand to float internally. Decorative, protective and very impressive.

See our welded  air folders for Nike
to INGENIOUS DuoTECH join two materials together cleverly

Air weld. Strictly speaking it is not the air we weld, but it looks that way after we are finished-a big soft pillow of air. This air filled folder was make for Nike air.

frosted weldelded polypro, printed on both sides

Frosted weld. Soft to the touch, yet is printable, weldable and embossible - impossible? No have a look at frosted weldable.

inflatable drinks packaging, one of a series of packs and folders

Inflatable weld The technology to lilos brought to packaging and what fun that becomes. Practical too, the inflatable container protects its cargo.

Foam weld You have heard of hardbacks, how about soft backs? Welded foam covers can be made for your books.

Foam covered hardbacks and softback binders and wallets