A brief history of folders galore

folders galore was founded in 1982 with a desire to inject innovative engineering expertise into corporate publicity projects, as a reaction against uninspiring alternatives.

folders galore is now recognised as perhaps the most innovative and inspirational manufacturer using creative materials engineering.

History Folders Galore 1

Microsoft invited independent software developers to their conference in the early noughties. To ensure the developers turned up, they requested a material for the folder invite that they couldn’t find anywhere. We sent samples to Seattle, Washington and New York for approval. Immediately an experienced manager arrived from NY. A huge 250lb American, he described himself, when we asked how to recognise him at Heathrow. We gave him a dedicated chauffeur for the 3 days of his visit and pulled strings to get him best seats in Phantom and others in the evening after learning he was a theatre fan.

He arrived, sat down, opened his laptop and played flight simulator for the first hour. Then started to approve the folder proofs we developed for him. He called home and placed an order for 30,000 folders @ $3.33 each. We flew 9 pallets to Washington and New York.

Microsoft’s divisional, lady Boss phoned and asked if she could pay the $100,000 invoice with her Gold American Express Company card as she wanted to claim the airmiles for herself. Guess our answer!


History Folders Galore 2

Paul Getty started to invest in photo libraries. Through his London office, he ordered 150,000 metal binders @ £3.10 each to fill with photos and send out to design teams in so many countries. The invoice with Vat was £1/2 million.

If you ever visit Getty in his office in California, ask him to place a re-order. Or does Internet distribution now kill that phenomenon?

No harm in asking though!

History Folders Galore 3

Unilever sells into 140 countries. When their dental marketing team, located on the 4th floor in the Head office on the North bank of the Thames, had to present to their own CEO, they needed just a few packs made precisely within 2 days for his approval of their work. We see our developed product on the shelves right now.
Goodness me!